Gustav Mahler


Quiz yourself on facts about Mahler

1. What are the dates for Mahler?

2. Where was Mahler born and why is it


3. How many COMPLETE symphonies did Mahler


4. What unusual instrument (for an orchestra) does Mahler       

    use in his 7th Symphony?

5. Where and when did Mahler do most of his composing?

6. Who was largely responsible for the "Mahler Revival"  

    that began in the 1960s?

7. Why was the year 1907 the "annus horribilis" for

    Gustav Mahler?

8. Why is Mahler so important in the history of Western


9. When Mahler moved to America late in life, what was his job?

10. Why did Mahler seek out and meet with Sigmund Freud  

      in 1910?

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