Quiz yourself on facts about Beethoven

1.  Who was Beethoven's grandfather and what position did he hold?

2. Although Bonn was a small city, it held an important position: what was this?

3. What three events made the year 1792 a critical year in the life of Beethoven?

4. Why were there problems regarding Beethoven's composition studies with Haydn?

5.  What three factors were important in establishing Beethoven as a formidable presence in Vienna once he arrived?

6. Beethoven often wrote that he was highly indebted to the work of the famous composer Gluck. In what ways did Gluck influence Beethoven's music?

7. What are the five important achievements of the first period of Beethoven, with regard to harmony, form, and melodic writing? IMPORTANT!

8.  Out of the first 19 opus numbers, 14 include the piano. Why this dominance of piano writing in the early period?

9. Conventional wisdom tells us that Beethoven dominated three genres of music in the 19th century. What were they?

10. What was the Heiligenstadt Testament?

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Ludwig van Beethoven