Ludwig van Beethoven

6. Beethoven often wrote that he was highly indebted to the work of the famous composer Gluck. In what ways did Gluck influence Beethoven's music?

7. What are the five important achievements of the first period of Beethoven, with regard to harmony, form, and melodic writing? IMPORTANT!

1) dramatic expression

2) energy of accent

3) concision of musical material

4) clarity of musical design

Click on the PLAY button on the image to hear Gluck's Dance of the Furies from his opera Orphée et Euridice, and notice the dramatic intensity, heavy rhythmic accents, and forceful writing: all factors that would have a great influence on Beethoven. As a matter of fact, isn't this music actually quite close to certain works of Beethoven? Well, let us compare. Click on the Beethoven example at right (from the Pastoral Symphony) to see just how closely Beethoven studied the style of Gluck!

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